Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye – MaxXout keeps it real with explosions, guitar riffs and… an all meat diet??

Talking with members of Maxxout I got to find out some interesting facts about them and have a TON of fun, talk about the near future, give you a taste of some of their music and yes, the Ketosis Diet and… wiffle ball… these guys are a riot!!

About the Author
Jana Lee Macheca, a.k.a, Lady Jaye, is a writer, professional music photographer and the owner of First Angel Media, which focuses on bringing the emotion of music to it's fans through articles and photos. The company has local, national, and international aspects. Working as editor and photographer for Chimera Magazine, a fast growing online publication that focuses on National and regional names, she is able to bring attention to our area bands in a unique way. Whether working with bands as a PR rep, heading up groups designed to help Pittsburgh's local music scene, or any other of the many projects she's involved in, she tries to bring a positive and passionate approach to the Pittsburgh Music Scene.