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The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best unsigned rock and metal bands that Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs on Build the Scene, Megarock Radio, KFGD 107.1 FM St. Louis, XRP Radio,Music from the 412, & Rudaroo Radio. The show started on September 14, 2004.

RAISE THE SUN! Camp Element

Camp ElementThis month Jeff Cribbs and Rick Link of Camp Element join us to discuss their band, which we have been playing for most of the existence of our show, tho his is their first time to grace our air waves as guests. They have new music on the way too! They will be playing our Anniversary show on 9/6/14 at the Leechburg Moose. They plan on playing all their new music that weekend!
Camp Element – Maklin
the Pennsylvania Rock Show – Intro
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Camp Element – Raise the Sun
KGB – Cold and Lonely Night
After the Fall – Rumors
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TimeXpired – Slip Away
skell – Two Minute Atomic Clock
Mushcup – Wasted
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Loko Phylum – Jezebel
Silk9 – Tears
Brian Loosz – If I Had to Explain
Big House Pete – Ten years
Rockabilly Junction – Number 8
Slant 6 – Home
The Travelers – Path to Nowhere
Doppler Affect – Goin’ Home
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Camp Element’s Biography

Jeff Cribbs, Vocals · Mark Clifford, Guitars · Rick Link, Bass · Scott Schifferli, Percussion
Camp Element, Pittsburgh, Pa, was formed in 2001 after the remaining members of rap-rock group Chronic Groove evolved into a new, deeper, more diverse and emotional writing style. “We just wanted to do something with a little more meaning, something that we can relate to on stage,” says Mark Clifford. This evolution was solidified by the recruiting of vocalist Jeff Cribbs from Pgh band Time Xpired.
The difference in the band’s sound was immediate, and fans took notice. The band embraced this new stylistic journey with a real sense of urgency and immediately began to record their debut EP. In June 2001, Pittsburgh’s alternative-rock station 105.9 the X, premiered Camp Element’s first single, Maklin, on the air.
Along with the lineup change came a refreshed and equally aggressive work ethic. “It’s like this,” says Cribbs, “We’re a family, a team, and we are all aiming for the same thing, that makes us that much more powerful as a group. There is nothing to stop us from spreading our message to as many people as we can. There are a million bands out there working toward the same goal that we are. We’ve just made up our minds to work harder.”
With that in mind, Camp Element continues to tour independently, consistently secure opening slots for a variety of national acts, and spread their word throughout the listening world. Their sound cannot be compared to that of anyone currently in the music industry…..and people are taking notice!

About the Author
Bill is a teacher by day and webmaster by night. Bill started working with bands and their online presence in 1995. He founded AK Music Scene in February of 2004 and the Pennsylvania Rock Show followed shortly after in September of 2004. In October of 2016, he founded Podcast your Scene Bill hopes that his websites help the bands around the world get their music heard. Unsigned music creates signed music, and there are a lot of bands out there that deserve a shot at that. In late 2017, Bill started his 4th unsigned music website,

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  1. Sieg4 says:

    This is a terrific interview!! I like it, Camp Element is a good band! Go see them live too!! They tear it up!! Great music from these guys!! I like how they are not worried really and are doing their own thing.

    1. They are awesome live. Did you sign up for a chance to win a digital copy of their new album? You can do it on the right side of this page.

  2. parockshow says:

    This is the first time that we chatted with Camp Element on the show; however; we’ve been playing their music since the inception of the show. They will be releasing a new album soon and we’ll keep you posted!

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