Dragonfly Effect PARS645

Dragonfly EffectDragonfly Effect joins Bill for episode 645 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show!

Featuring music from Rat Bastard, 9 Stitch Method, Dragonfly Effect, The Slobberknockers, OK Otter

Interview Segment 1 with Dragonfly Effect

  • Where did the band name, Dragonfly Effect come from?
  • Learn about the marketing of the band.
  • You’re leaving a show and there is a DeLorean with its door open and a Flux Capacitor, where are you going in time and what band are you going to hang out with?
  • You can have dinner with 4 people from the history of the world, who are you sitting down with?
  • What non-standard venue would you like to play at?
  • When is your next concert?
  • What is your favorite music genre and what is your favorite rock song?
  • You hire me to drive your tour bus, what music am I going to be playing in-between shows?
  • If you were in a tribute band, and the real band asked you to audition, do you do it?
  • If your musical idol sat down beside you and you could only ask them 1 question, what would you ask?
  • How long have you been making music?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve had because you’re a musician?
  • If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • If you could forget hearing an album and hear it again for the first time again, to feel the euphoria of that event, which album would it be?
  • Who has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Learn about the song, Lost Inside.

Interview Segment 2

  • Which of your songs would survive a catestrophic event and help re-populate the Earth?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment that happened on stage.
  • What is your favorite song to perform?
  • What do you have coming up on December 16th?
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
About the Author
Bill is the owner of Build the Scene, Vice President of First Angel Media, and the "tech guy" behind Music from the 412. He has been working with local, independent bands since 1996. He currently offers the following services: Web Design & Development, Electronic Press Kit Design & Development, Concert & Promotional Photograpy, Radio, Streaming TV, & Podcast Airtime, & Artist PR & Marketing Bill is the host of the Pennsylvania Rock Show (Radio, Podcast, TV Show & Vlog), 3 Questions and a Song (Radio, Podcast & Vlog) & Friendly Fire (Live Radio Show). Bill is also the owner of Build the Scene Radio