Promised Land! Slant 6

episode312LThe boys from Slant6 discus the band, Filming of Promised Land, Rock for Life Concert Series, and More!
Playlist for the radio show:
Xander Demos – Chase The Sun
After the Fall – pretty pictures
Shattered – The Tie that Binds
skell – Havent Decided Yet
Slant 6 – Home
– Slant6 Interview
Big House Pete – Ghetto Bird
All My Monsters – Great Design
Ill Fated – Fallen From Grace
Gibraltar – Modern Day Warrior

*** Get Outta Town
Milk – Fly
Ballistik – Wolven
The Divide – Plastic
*** Get Outta Town
suffaCATE – Life
Zilch – Heavy Metal
Stratega – Mommy
Strap on Bomb – Jugement Day
Paradox Please – Singularity
Camp Element – Hope Burns
Chip Dimonick – Make You Famous
Dethlehem – Yagolith
Dog Day Sunrise – Knuckle Fixate
Creep – Eraserhead
Amber-Alexis – Even After the Rain
3 Fold – Wasted Days
Chux Beta – Reckoning

Slant 6’s Biography

Slant6 is an up tempo, highly energetic, Rock n’ Roll band from the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. S6 writes blood-pumping, foot-stomping, heartfelt songs about life, love, and misery. S6 also plays a wide variety of cover songs from the Beatles to Tool appealing to fans of Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative, Hard Rock, and even Southern.

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    Slant 6 just recently finished recording and releasing their new EP “No Regrets” find the new music

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