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Formed in 2018, Goddamn Wolves is an indie rock trio from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band draws influence from classic alternative rock bands like the Replacements and Pixies as well as current indie acts like A Giant Dog and together PANGEA. Goddamn Wolves is led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Chris Weilding (formerly of Hedwig and the Angry Inch band Cheater), Laura McCullough (bass/vocals), and Drew Foglia (drums/vocals). The band has released three EP’s – Goddamn Wolves, Dauphine and Resign Yourself. The latter was recorded with engineer extraordinaire Missy Thangs at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, NC. The Wolves have also recorded three singles with up-and-coming artists/engineers Max Gowan and Travis Harrington at Found After Dark Studio. The latest, “Older, Slower” b/w “Everything Real Is Free” represents a new collaborative height for the band – with Laura stepping up to contribute more vocals and lyrics to round out the band’s unique male/female vocal dynamic. Goddamn Wolves continue to gig at local Raleigh clubs and played a Day Party at this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. They are looking to play some regional shows throughout the South in the spring.

About the Song

Older, Slower” was released on January 5th. It represents a new height in collaboration for our band. In the past our sound included a male/female vocal dynamic in the form of backing vocals from bass player Laura. Now the band has leaned into this dynamic with Laura taking on co-lead vocals and contributing more lyrics than before. This is a result of positive response to this aspect of the band as well as our love of bands like X, the New Pornographers, Versus and A Giant Dog. And of course, the song also features drummer Drew’s famous falsetto. 🙂

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