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We are thrilled to feature Icons of Industry and their powerful song “Flames of Change” on our latest episode. 🎶🔥 Brace yourself for an incredible listening experience that combines heavy music, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics!

Icons of Industry, a collective spearheaded by vocalist and songwriter Roberto Montoya, are here to push the boundaries of rock and experimental music. With collaborations with musicians worldwide and a talented team of producers, engineers, and videographers, they create engaging and dynamic content that resonates with fans of heavy music.

Explore their captivating world at https://iconsofindustry.org/ and stay connected with their latest updates on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/iconsofindustry.

Join us on the 3 Questions and a Song podcast as we dive deep into the minds of Icons of Industry. Discover the inspirations behind their music, their creative process, and the deeper themes that drive their powerful lyrics. It’s an episode that will leave you craving more!

To listen to this exciting episode, head over to https://www.buildthescene.com/show/3qs/ and immerse yourself in the sonic journey crafted by the Icons of Industry.

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The Questions

  • So you are mostly the band, but you have musicians from all over the perform with you, is that correct?
  • How much input do the other musicians in the collective have on the songs?
  • Where do your lyrics come from?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve had because you’re a musician?
  • Austin has a pretty extensive music scene, correct?
  • If you could sit down with any songwriter in the world, who would you want to write a song with?
  • If you were at the same crossroads that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at, why would you be there?
  • What 4 people, alive or dead, would you invite to dinner?
  • A DeLorean is sitting with a flux capacitor after one of your shows, where are you going in time and what band are you going to hang out with?
  • What songs would we listen to in between tour stops, if I were your tour bus driver?
  • Take me from the point that you start writing a song to the point right before you release a song, how does that feel?
  • If Gene Simmons was in his 20s now, could he make it as an artist?
  • If you’re going back in time to talk to yourself when you first became a musician, what piece of advice would you give yourself?
  • Are you a gearhead? Is there a certain piece of equipment that you cannot go onto stage without?
  • Where can you be found online?
  • What’s up next?


Location: Austin, Tx

Icons of Industry is a collective started by vocalist and songwriter Roberto Montoya. They collaborate with musicians worldwide and work with some of the best producers, engineers, and videographers to create engaging and thought-provoking content. The songs resonate with fans of heavy music and appeal to those looking for melody, sonic texture, and dynamics. The lyrical themes expound on topics like history, science, and the human condition. They will continue to push the boundaries musically and lyrically while building upon the foundations of rock and experimental music.


About the Song, Flames of Change

Flames of Change is an elegy concerning the fiery judgment of the Great City as described in the book of Revelation. The lyrics try to capture a sense of lament with melancholy vocal phrasing that draws influence from vocalists like Mike Patton and Thom York. The music is a fusion of rock and experimental Americana featuring Columbian jazz pianist Lorena Patricia Ramirez Ruiz and Ukrainian keyboardist Artur Lenivenko.

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