Post Profit 3QS055

Post ProfitOn Episode 55 of 3 Questions and a Song, Post Profit join Bill to discuss their new single “Better Off” and to take their turn at 3 questions!

  1. If you were standing at a crossroads waiting for the Devil to show up so that you could sell your soul, what musical wish would you be asking for?
  2. You’ve played with some big name bands such as: FILTER, SALIVA, DROWNING POOL, TO WHOM IT MAY, AND SONS OF TEXAS, but the real question is… who is your Dave Grohl?
  3. Where did your band name come from? asked by Tom Tikka of the Impersonators on episode 54
  4. Bonus Question: If you could go back in time without breaking the space-time continuum and follow any band around for a year, who would you follow around to learn from or just plain hangout with?

About the Song, Better Off

“Better Off” touches on a lot of sensitive aspects of the state of humanity currently and throughout history. The track presents the idea that hate is deeply intertwined in our current culture, and that hate is being propelled by the media, politics, and institutional racism. The track poses the question “What if we could learn to love?”, hinting that it will take a collective effort for people to learn about one another’s cultures and learn to respect their difference. If we all love and respect our fellow man to some degree, the human race as a whole will be “Better Off”. Humanity could progress leaps and bounds if different people and different nations across the globe could band together and form a sort of global standard of respect, peace, and love for one another.

About Post Profit

Location: Longview, TX, US
Genre: Alternative Rock

When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong…

Named ETX’s Metal Band of the Year in 2018 and Rock Band of the Year in 2019, Post Profit are the newest Alternative Rock band to burst on the scene with their hit single ’Same Sad Song’ reaching #23 on the Billboard Top 40 Charts for Mainstream Rock. With over 200 shows under their belt in the first year of their career, the band has had the pleasure of playing with well-known acts such as Drowning Pool, To Whom It May, Saliva, and Sons Of Texas. Post Profit have won countless Battle of the Bands and performed at Inklife Festival, So What?! Music Festival, and many others across the United States. Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking industry names like Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, and Nothing But Thieves, Post Profit are a breath of fresh air with an intense live show and unwavering ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

The combination of Matt Jackson on vocals and guitar, Nick Hawner on guitar, Jordan Conley on bass, and Zach Hicks on drums deliver nothing less than driving bass lines, blistering guitar riffs, and soaring vocals. Post Profit released their single, ‘When You Think It’s Right’ on February 12th off of their debut album, ‘When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong’ coming Fall 2021.

About the Author
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