Storm Dragon

Jeff, Joey, & Eric of Storm Dragon join Bill to talk everything going on in their camp. Find out how the band got together and where they reside. Learn about how the name Storm Dragon came to be…. Did Bill really bring up Harry Potter, Eragon, and Puff the Magic Dragon? Jeff, Joey and Eric…

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Sinner or Saint! Homicide Black

Homicide Black Playlist: Step 11 – 7 Sin Martyr pars-intro-jan07 Lollytrigger – One Sickleeye – Rock-a-Bye (Live) sweeper – sweetcate 1 – akmusicscene suffaCATE – Life Sweeper – Jim Platt * Interview – Homicide Black – the Pennsylvania Rock Show Homicide Black – Sinner or Saint Sweeper – PA Rock Show – jeffradio2012 Homicide Black…

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