Tilt Room

broadcasted December 2011
the Tilt Room

Running Time: 00:49:00

The Tilt Room’s Biography

Based in the steel city of Pittsburgh, PA is The Tilt Room, a three-piece acoustic act fronted by Mike Swindell and backed by Anthony Pandolph and Justin Hackett. The Tilt Room brings clever songwriting and intense composition to create a novel, intricate sound. Well known for their fun and engaging live performances, The Tilt Room has generated buzz around the mid-Atlantic.
The Tilt Room is a respected act that brings an intensity not usually associated with acoustic groups. Confront Your World, released in 2011, showcased the unique songwriting of Swindell and co-founder Matt Dacierno. After Dacierno’s untimely death, Swindell sought to pay homage to Dacierno by keeping the music alive. With an expected release date of late 2015, The Tilt Room’s next album, Nostalgic Future, will feature the unique rhythm section of Pandolph and Hackett. Anthony Pandolph, who returned to Pittsburgh after playing in Austin, TX for several years, and Justin Hackett, who honed his chops in the Cincinnati music scene, bring a rhythm section that drives the songs and forces you to take notice of the group’s style.
The writing in Nostalgic Future highlights a group of musicians with a unique ability to add their voice to the music while simultaneously complementing one another. The sound, at one moment capturing the beauty of Western Pennsylvania and at another moment reflecting the haunting and gritty past of this industrial city, captures life in a changing American landscape.
The Tilt Room has toured the State of New York, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey, while regularly playing around Pittsburgh.

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