Viscera Reaction – Divine Tragedy

Viscera Reaction - Episode 326Viscera Reaction

Viscera Reaction, the newest Divine Tragedy album brings them to the PA Rock Show for Episode 326 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.
Release Date: December 2014
Running Time: 1:09:45
Guest: Divine Tragedy
Where to Find Them: Facebook
Where to Purchase their Music: CD Baby

Viscera Reaction – Divine Tragedy PARS326 by The Pennsylvania Rock Show on Mixcloud

Show Notes: The veterans of the Pittsburgh Music Scene discussed many things with Bill in this episode including their opinion of Pay to Play, which coincidentally,  is a track on their new album. Krist, Dustin, & Cali discussed their favorite local bands. They also carried on a conversation with Bill about old school and new school video gaming. A discussion was held about their new album Viscera Reaction and they allowed us to play both Viscera Reaction and Pay to Play on the monthly radio show. They got personal during Bill’s Barrage and answered such questions as:

  1. What established rock star would they be blown away by if that star walked on stage to jam with them?
  2. What’s their favorite pizza toppings?
  3. If they were to get invited to do Woodstock 3, what 3 songs do they play and whose autographs wouldd
  4. they seek to get?
  5. Pitt or Penn State?
  6. Bacon or vegan?

Divine Tragedy Viscera ReactionBand Biography: Divine Tragedy is a Heavy Metal band spawning from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Their music is the culmination of four talented individuals which is both beautiful and terrible all in one. With Chris Pekor’s speed and skill on Drums it sounds like a locomotive rumbling over your skull. Dustin McKee pounds his bass riffs like a Jack hammer into your chest. Justin Calligaro will shred your face off, when not engaged with Krist in the signature Divine Tragedy dual lead guitar attack. The icing on the cake is Krist McKee’s passionate, melodic vocals. His extreme range is remincent of Rob Halford to Jim Morrison to Kurt Cobain. Divine Tragedy will reminds us of what metal used to be, as well as taking the listener somewhere new. Formed in the fall of 1999, Divine Tragedy has played many venues in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia areas.

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  1. OK everyone, following along with the conversation with Divine Tragedy, what was your favorite video game growing up?

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