The Big Break Contest Season 3 PARS629

The Big Break Contest Season 3Eyal and Johnnie from The Big Break Contest Season 3 join Bill to talk about Season 3 of their contest. We last spoke to them during Season 2 of The Big Break Contest.

Interview Segment 1 with The Big Break Season 3

  • What is The Big Break Contest?
  • What are the hidden requirements for the music video?
  • What genres are featured in the contest?
  • You can see all the contestants being interviewed and playing a live video on The Big Break Youtube Channel, In the Break Room.
  • We talk about how technology changed the music industry.
  • We talk about John being a new host of the show for season 3.
  • Who are you expecting videos from?
  • You can vote in the first round of Season 3 from August 1, 2022 to August 31, s022 at and round 2 will be a festival type event at The V-Spot Bar in Scranton. The finally will take place on October 8th.
  • At this point in the show, we go to the comments that came in during the live video.
  • How can a band go about jumping on to season 4? It will be open to bands in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • We talk about, where you can buy the I love Johnnie Shirt.
  • Eyal talks about different raffles and prizes that will be available.

Interview Segment 2 with Eyal and Johnnie

  • What is the best pizza that you had because of being a musician?
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • Season 3 is looking for a judge.
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