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How are you?Brad Abbott joins us to discuss his newly released album, How are you? as well as current events, what he’s been up to, and what is upcoming for him.

Featuring music from Highway Louie, Brad Abbott, Chrystyna Marie, and The Fading Light

Segment 1 with Brad Abbott

  • We talked about the end of the open mic that he hosted and what his plans are for the interviews that he used to with them.
  • Who is your Dave Grohl? Who would you want to go up on stage with?
  • If you were going to meet your musical hero, but were only allowed to ask one question, who would you be meeting and what question would you ask?
  • What has been your favorite venue to play at?
  • Who are you favorite singer, drummer, bassist, and guitarist?
  • If they put you into a cartoon series, which would it be and what character would they base you on?
  • Do you think with the current landscape in the music scene being digital, that cds and vinyl still have a place in the business?
  • Gene Simmons is known to take anything and put the KISS logo on it, if you were going to go outside the box and put your Brad Abbott logo on it, what would it be?
  • Who is Vivian?

Segment 2

  • What is your favorite song to play live? cover?
  • What was the oddest show that you’ve ever played?
  • Rockstar – If you were in a tribute band and end up singing in the real band, which band would it be?
  • Almost Famous – If you were going out as a first time article writer, which band would you want to do your first article on?
  • Back to the Future – You get in the Delorean and go back in time to learn from a band, which band do you choose?
  • What was your favorite show that you played at?
  • What kind of food would you be based on your music style?
  • What’s coming up for Brad Abbott? Song Stories & Gear Stories
  • Do you songs usually just come to you, or….


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