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NovotnyBrady Novotny is back to discuss what he has been doing musically during the pandemic and upcoming happenings. Brady is becoming a regular on our shows making his 3rd appearance this year: 3 Questions and a Song #32 on 5/1/2020 & the Pennsylvania Rock Show #498 on 1/17/2020 being the other one.

  • Where to find Brady:

Segment #1 with Brady Novotny

  • What is the status of your Guitar Freaks show?
  • You mentioned your wife was recording an episode of Divas Dish Diz right now, who is she interviewing?
  • What is your favorite Van Halen song?
  • We talked a bit about Dave Granati, John Vento, Corbriwoodstock, and more

Segment #2

  • What equipment you use?
  • When you’re playing for yourself, what songs do you play?
  • What song made you decide you wanted to play guitar?
  • We discussed various concerts.
  • Which of your songs describes you the best as an artist?
  • If you could join any band in the history of music, who would you join?
  • If you were going to host a podcast, what would the title be?


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