Chip Dominick

Chip Dominick returns to the Pennsylvania Rock Show. What’s that you don’t know him? Maybe you’d recognize him from his other band’s name, Chip DiMonick. Chip has decided to go out and do the singer/songwriter thing. He isn’t giving up on the heavier genres that he was doing before. He talks about how he wanted the project to be scalable: intimate and stripped down solo act type thing, but he also wanted to be able to do it as a duo, 3 piece or even a full band. Chip will be opening for John Carabi (Former Motley Crue Singer). Also on that bill are the Dirty Charms, Brett Staggs, Doug Carnahan, and Eliza Furnace. This Sunday, March 19th at Cattivo. He talks about a new song called “A Man and His Mama”.
In Segment 2, Chip talks about feeling confident that there will be another Chip DiMonick release at some point, but that he has almost 3 albums worth of songs ready as Chip Dominick. He tells us that his writing process is really based on how he is feeling at the time. If he’s in an angry mood, then he’ll end up with a metal song.
Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • What was the first local musician’s album that you ever owned?
  • Are there any local bands that are no longer together that you would like to see do a reunion?
  • If you were going to build a super band from local musicians, who would you put on each instrument?
  • If there was one thing that you could change in the Western Pennsylvania Scene, what would it be?

Where to Find Chip:
Facebook: Chip Dominick
Facebook: Chip DiMonick
Official Website: Chip DiMonick
Songs Played:

  • Chip DiMonick – You Ain’t Punk
  • After the Fall – Call to Arms
  • A Common Crown – Seventeen Lies

Some Artists named during the show:

Photo credit: Sharon Dominick Photography

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