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About Doors In The Labyrinth

Doors in the Labyrinth - Rabbit HoleGenre: postgoth
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

Doors In The Labyrinth is a Pittsburgh based postgoth/darkwave project from multi-instrumentalist Josh Loughrey. Blending post-rock and goth/darkwave, as well as eclectic influences such as traditional folk, experimental music and orchestral music, Doors In The Labyrinth creates dark narrative focused songs. Since 2015, Doors In The Labyrinth has been performing live in the Pittsburgh area. In 2021, the full length album “In The Shadow Of The Monolith” was released, and the song “Dead Stars” was featured on Cleopatra Records’ Unquiet Grave compilation, as the final track of the final volume.

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The Questions

  1. Can you pinpoint for us, when you realized that you were going to be a musician?
  2. If a Delorean with a flux capacitor was outside of your next show, what year are you visiting, and what band will you be hanging out with?
  3. What was the first record or recording you purchased? asked by Bobby C of Royal Honey
  4. Bonus Question: Who is your Dave Grohl?

About the Song, The Rabbit Hole

“The Rabbit Hole (Inlé Radio Edit)” was created as part of an international collaboration to honor the spirit of the band Coil. The founder of the project created a basic electronic track, and participants then wrote original songs, incorporating the base track. For my track, I used it as the base sample for the synth lead tone, and wrote a song about obsession. Lyrically it describes discovering hidden knowledge, and being unable to focus on anything else, until you learn everything.

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