Zach Rovito & The Rustbelt Rhythm PARS658

Zach RovitoZach and Chris of Zach Rovito & The Rustbelt Rhythm join Bill on Episode 658 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Featuring Music from: Dark Harvest, Dematus, Silk9, Dinnerbell Road, The Dragonfly Effect, Look Back Luna

Interview segment 1 with Zach Rovito & The Rustbelt Rhythm

  • What genre do you play?
  • What is the best pizza that you’ve had because you are a musician?
  • If I found your band in a Social Studies book, what did you do to get there?
  • If you’re standing at the crossroads waiting for the Devil, why are you there?
  • What is a non-standard venue that you would like to play?

Interview segment 2 with Zach & Chris

  • If you hired me to drive your tour bus, what music would I be playing between gigs?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment that you had on stage.
  • If your musical idol sat down next to you on a bench and told you that you could ask one question.. who is it and what is the question?
  • Where can the listeners/viewer find you online?
  • What is up next for Zach Rovito & The Rustbelt Rhythm?

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