Dinnerbell Road PARS653

Dinnerbell RoadThe Gentlemen of Dinnerbell Road hung out with Bill and introduced their Rustbelt Country music to the listeners!

featuring music from: Domenic Fusca, Johnny and the Razorblades, The Parishables, Dinnerbell Road, Noble Hops, Royal Honey

Interview segment 1 with Dinnerbell Road

  • Introduction of the band members…
  • We discuss where the band name, Dinnerbell Road, comes from.
  • We talk about the Saxonburg Octoberfest festival.
  • How do you prepare for a set without a setlist?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve had because you’re a musician?
  • Where would you go back in time, and what band would you hang with while you are there?
  • If your musical idol sat down on a bench next to you and said you can ask one question…
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • Tell me about the song, Go.

Interview segment 2

  • If you could sit down with any 4 people in history, who would you invite to your dinner table?
  • What would you sell your soul to the devil for?
  • Which of your songs should survive an apocalyptic event and help re-populate the Earth?
  • What is coming up next for Dinnerbell Road?
  • Where can our listeners find you?

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About the Author
Bill is the owner of Build the Scene, Vice President of First Angel Media, and the "tech guy" behind Music from the 412. He has been working with local, independent bands since 1996. He currently offers the following services: Web Design & Development, Electronic Press Kit Design & Development, Concert & Promotional Photograpy, Radio, Streaming TV, & Podcast Airtime, & Artist PR & Marketing Bill is the host of the Pennsylvania Rock Show (Radio, Podcast, TV Show & Vlog), 3 Questions and a Song (Radio, Podcast & Vlog) & Friendly Fire (Live Radio Show). Bill is also the owner of Build the Scene Radio