Domenic Fusca PARS609

Domenic MusicDomenic Fusca joins Bill on episode 609 to talk about his upcoming EP, past musical history and more.

Interview Segment 1 with Domenic

  • How long did you spend in the NOLA music scene?
  • You are originally from the Pittsburgh area, correct?
  • How did your drum/foot become a thing?
  • What would you sell your soul to the devil for? (hear Domenic’s interpretation of what really happened.. it is probably the true version haha)
  • Can you compare the NOLA and PGH music scenes for me?

Interview Segment 2 with Domenic

  • Tell us a bit about your new, unreleased EP, Chasing the Song.
  • How is The Vault involved in the EP?
  • Do you have any shows lined up currently?
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