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Learn about unsigned bands, of any genre, throughout the world through a very simple method, 3 questions and a song. Tune in as Bill Domiano of the Pennsylvania Rock Show introduces you to unsigned bands from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the sun! Bill will ask 2 questions, and the third question will be provided by the previous episode’s featured artist. Submit your band to be a guest on the show.

Caleb Straus 3QS075

Caleb Straus and Felicia Patterson EclipseCaleb Straus joins Bill for 3 Questions and a Song #75 in support of the song that he and Felicia Patterson released together, Eclipse.

  • Tell us about your record label, Sollunar Records.
  • Tell us about your song, Eclipse.
  • We learn a bit about Caleb’s movie, Overnight.
  • Caleb tells us about his involvement at First Angel Media.
  • What is your question for the Pittsburgh Bagpiper, Sean O’Donnell?
  • What is something that you, wish you could tell people to get them to listen to your music?
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve eaten because you are a musician?
  • What is a non-regular venue that you would like to play at?
  • Who do you want to see play the next Superbowl halftime show?
  • Do you have any last thoughts for the listeners?

About Caleb Straus

Genre: Genre-fluid, Metal, Industrial
Location: Texas, USA

Caleb Straus is best known as the lead singer for industrial metal band, EMZY ENZY, but he has also recorded multiple projects as a solo artist. His current focus is producing and curating the Official Soundtrack to the upcoming Film Overnight, including a score by himself and collaborator Allen F. Turner alongside single “Eclipse” with Felicia Patterson and music from 9 Stitch Method, Ritual of Ether, MadClock, Seethe, Silhouette Death, Feast on the Fallen, Sam Astaroth, as well as Caleb’s new solo studio project, The Death of Zenith.

About the song, Eclipse

“Eclipse” is a duet between EMZY ENZY/Death of Zenith vocalist Caleb Straus and musician/actor/model Felicia Patterson. The song was released on December 4th, 2021, the date of an actual eclipse. It is also the first single on the Overnight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The second single released was “Those Eyes” by Silhouette Death, and the third slated for March 31st is “Portal” by Caleb’s new project, The Death of Zenith, featuring Sam Astaroth, formerly of Astaroth Incarnate on lead vocals. I’ll talk more about the song, movie, and story of everything on the show.

  • Where to find Caleb and Sollunar Records:
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