Dynasty Zero 3QS060

Dynasty ZeroFaith and Michael, of Dynasty Zero, make their second visit to 3 Questions and a song, after being our guests on episode 27.

  1. The song we are featuring tonight, Sweet Summer Night, is the first song of the summer for you. I believe you plan on releasing songs throughout the summer. How is that going to work, and what made you decide to go that route instead of putting out an EP or LP?
  2. Let’s say you get tv time during one of the best timeslots which guarantees you a ton of viewers, but you are only given 3 minutes to talk. What would you tell your potential fans about Dynasty Zero in hopes of getting them to check out one of your live shows?
  3. Who would you consider to be your influences, and what is the oldest rock or metal band that you consider an influence? asked by Charlie Barath on Episode 59.

About Dynasty Zero

Genre: Rock
Band Location: Steubenville, OH, USA

  • Where to find them:

After a decade that saw both fans and critics declare “rock is dead”, Dynasty Zero dares to scream otherwise. The Ohio-based quintet, made up of lead singer Faith Sahagian, lead guitarist Michael Schisla, rhythm guitarist James Lamansky, bassist Keith Montenegro, and drummer Jake Spheeris, proves that rock ‘n’ roll is very much alive. The members of Dynasty Zero were raised on their parents’ record collections and music videos that had resurfaced on MySpace and YouTube. They draw from a wide range of influences, from Motley Crue to Green Day to The Weeknd.

Dynasty Zero released their first song of 2021. “Sweet Summer Night” on June 18. They will continue releasing music throughout the summer.

About the song, Sweet Summer Night

Sweet Summer Night is a concert anthem. It is one of Dynasty Zero’s oldest songs and the first song that founding members Michael Schisla and Keith Montenegro worked on together. The song was inspired by an emotional release lead guitarist Michael Schisla had at a concert during a very difficult period of transition.

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