Evil Boll Weevil

Evil Boll WeevilWith me for the first time on the show was Seth Legrand from the band Evil Boll Weevil.
Segment 1: I started the conversation out by asking Seth where the band name came from. Seth then introduced us to the band members and told a bit of the band history. Evil Boll Weevil is in the process of recording their first album and Seth gives us a bit of insight as to how that is going.
Segment 2: starting the second segment out, we discussed the difficulties that they have had with the spelling of their band name. We then moved the conversation towards how they will record their freshman disc. Home vs Studio? After that we dive a little into who Seth is as a musician by talking about his influences… and more.

Who is Evil Boll Weevil?

We play all forms of rock from classic to metal, punk to blues, new to old; pretty much you name it as long as its rock. We want our sound to be like old stones, or zeppelin albums where song to song the sound and genre is very different. We’re not huge fans of albums that sound the same every song. We have a lot of talent in our band and we hope to be a standout as our originals are released.

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