First Angel Media Roundtable PARS583

Jae Asadi, Caleb Straus (Emzy Enzy), and Nathaniel Rowe (MadClock) of First Angel Media join John Lane (The Hellfire Club) and Bill to discuss First Angel Media, their personal musical journeys, and more.

  1. How did each of you become involved in First Angel Media?
  2. We discuss Jana, owner of First Angel Media.
  3. If you could go back in time and follow a band, producer, musician, etc around for a whole year to learn from, who would you follow around?
  4. John talks about the music scene.
  5. If you were meeting the Devil at the crossroads, what would you sell your soul for?
  6. What artist would you like to go up on stage and perform with?

Featuring Music from: MadClock, Emzy Enzy, skell

About the Author
Bill is the owner of Build the Scene, Vice President of First Angel Media, and the "tech guy" behind Music from the 412. He has been working with local, independent bands since 1996. He currently offers the following services: Web Design & Development, Electronic Press Kit Design & Development, Concert & Promotional Photograpy, Radio, Streaming TV, & Podcast Airtime, & Artist PR & Marketing Bill is the host of the Pennsylvania Rock Show (Radio, Podcast, TV Show & Vlog), 3 Questions and a Song (Radio, Podcast & Vlog) & Friendly Fire (Live Radio Show). Bill is also the owner of Build the Scene Radio