Hicks From Sweden by Hayride?

hicksphotoHicks’ Show Notes

Hicks discusses his music background, including how he became a country artist in a country that just doesn’t get country music. We chatted a bit about learning foreign languages, his collaborations, how he became part of MTS Management Group. You’ll find out what a tennis racket has to do with his musical history. Yes, I said a tennis racket. You’ll also learn about his band situation since he plays in Europe and the United States. We talk about why he is doing so many radio and podcast interviews (GUESS WHAT! there is more Hicks Music coming soon!) I got him to do some name dropping, names that even I know, a dedicated rock guy.
Release Date: July 2015
Running Time: 0:50:06
Guest: Hicks

Hicks’ Links:

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Official Website
MTS Management

Links to things mentioned:

Country Showdown
Johnny Horton: Sink the Bismarck
Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines
Terry Lee Spencer: American Dream
Resolution 15

Hicks From Sweden by Hayride PARS333 by The Pennsylvania Rock Show on Mixcloud

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