Reminisce with Jim Platt

Jim Platt and Bill reminisce about PA Rock Show’s past, talk about Jim’s newest album and the one he is recording, & Much More
broadcasted May 2012
Jim Platt

Jim Platt’s Biography

Jim Platt is a self-taught musician who has been writing and performing for 15 years.
Artists that influence him are The Beatles – in particular John Lennon.
Jim Platt is proud to announce the release of three new singles “All Alone in My Dreams”, “Roll On By” and “Drama Queen” which are on his yet to be released CD titled “Moving Through The Ages” which is set for release in October 2012.
“All Alone in My Dreams” are a Lennon-esc type song typical to his writing style. The story revolves around a little boy who died at 6 and went to heaven. This little boy never met neither his unborn sister nor his grandfather and when he met Jesus, he sent back. It is an experience that Jim was drawn to saying that understanding this little boy’s journey would help others dealing with death. It is a powerful and profound song with a grandeur melody enhanced by lyrical genius. It is written with much emotion and has such an impact with voice and acoustic guitar. These are the types of songs that live on forever.
Songs such as “Roll on By” which is about Jim’s friend of his that was killed in a motorcycle accident. Then there’s “Drama Queen” which has more of an up-tempo adding in electric guitar. This arrangement also deserves notice as it display a diverse artist whose musical arrangements are reminiscent of one of our most prolific songwriters of all time, Mr. John Lennon who has had a major influence on Jim is writing style.
Prior to the release of these singles, Jim released two demos; one with “Autumn Lane” called “Reflections”. The other was “Jim Platt- The Long Forgotten Road”. Three full length CD’s were also released “Led By Grace” (2007), “Tea For Two” (2008) and “Accepted” (2009).
Jim Platt is looking forward to promoting his upcoming CD. He is also planning a trip to New York City as soon as possible.
“I’m a songwriter/singer (as Noel Gallagher puts it). I feel my writing is more than my singing. I write what I believe and feel with a strong Lennon influence. All I look for is a chance to get myself heard. I love to hear from fans and their thoughts. Makes me a stronger musician, but I feel any of my songs can be put up there with music of today.”
Jim’s own personal journey has had quite an impact on him. His music is raising eyebrows to others as he write about reality and it is this reaction that brings the most satisfaction and happiness in his life. On October 9th he will be playing Nathan Marshalls Ohio Valley Tonight Show in West Virginia est 1863.. to promote this CD.
You can listen to and/or purchase Jim Platt’s songs by logging onto the following websites:
Jim Platt is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:
Places Played….
Legion Keener Bandshell -Latrobe, Pa (Save The Music Festival 1st show)-1 time,
United Methodist Church Festival (Show), Latrobe,PA~1 time
Christian Book Store Opening (IUP MUG Show, Indiana, PA)~1 time
Dv8 Coffee Shop (Show) Greensburg, PA~3 times,
Keynote Cafe Jeannette (Show), PA~3 times,
Keynote Cafe (Open Mic) Jeannette,PA~N/A
PA Rock Show (Radio Show) Leechburg, PA~2 times,
Coffee Bean (Show) Latrobe , PA~1 time,
Coffee Bean (Open mic) Latrobe, PA~ N/A,
Under Ground Refuge (Show) New Castle, PA~1 time,
IUP MUG (Radio Show) Indiana, PA~1 time,
Acoustic Hour Radio Show (with Anthony Fraizer) Indiana, PA~1 time,
Redstar Resturant (Show) with Dennis C Lee, opening for Lovebettie. Greensburg, PA~1 time,
Table Coffee Shop (Metro Coffee Shop) (Show) Scottdale, PA~ 5 times,
Speals Tavern (Open Mic) New Alexandria, PA~ 2 times,
Saint Vincent Gristmill Coffee Shop (Open Mic) Latrobe, PA~3 times,
Cool Springs Resturant/Bar (Open Mic) Ligonier, PA~ 1 time,
Ligonier Tavern (Show) Ligonier, PA~1 time,
Recoup Lounge (Show) NYC, New York~1 time…
Club Café- 4 times
Running Time: 0:59:16

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