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noble hopsThe 3 Questions for Utah Burgess

  • You have been a part of the music scene as far back as I can remember both as an artist and a business owner. What do you believe the scene needs the most to allow more bands to succeed?
  • If you were going to create a super group from your scene to manage, who would be in it and why?
  • What makes your hops so noble? asked by Frank Vieira on episode 30

About the song, The Amish Ninja

The Amish Ninja. It’s about a local legend known as Eli the Amish Ninja, and is based on true events from a Memorial Day Weekend camping trip.

About Noble Hops

Band Location: AK Valley, PA USA
Band Genre: Acoustic, Beer

Founding member Utah Burgess, along with original member Ed Hughes, wasted no time hitting the local circuit playing an eclectic mix of cover songs to a steady growing fan base. After playing at an MC benefit one day that paid us in free Miller High Life however, this era of the band came to a sudden end. Our thirst for the Hops got the best of us that day.

Soon after that Rob Keller joined the band. He had just started a band of his own called ‘The Shiners’ (who Utah was originally invited to be a part of and currently likes to refer to himself as the Pete Best of The Shiners) and the band was back in action. Rob’s influence immediately took the Hops in a different direction and also coincided with a period of song writing that Utah was going through. Coupled with Rob’s own original music (Grassy Award winning song “Every Once In A While” as well as a nomination for “Way Back Home”) and the new music Utah was writing the band was able to open up more opportunities for showcasing local original music.

As the band’s popularity and fan base continued to grow it found itself in scheduling conflicts with Rob’s main priority, ‘The Shiners’. Weary of having to turn gig offers down and playing on the couch, Utah decided to approach Jenifer Lyn Baker (for a second time) about joining the band. The addition of JLyn (as she is known in the Hops Nation) provided even more diversity for the bands sound and style, as well as a healthy offering of JLyn’s own original music. Her soul mate John “Johnny Katt” Henricks (who along with JLyn played in “The Gravel Road Band” and “Junkman’s Widow”) also joined the band and further expanded the vocal reaches of the group.

For a brief stint the band also included Zach Rovito who added an incredible style of playing as well as yet another voice to the mix of the Hops sound. Zach left the band to tour nationally with the band The Hawkeyes.

The band has also worked occasionally with the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Jessi Boldy. Usually around the holidays she makes her appearance on the Shady Lady float in the Holiday Parade, jamming with Rob and Utah. The three also entered Meatlocker Recording studio in 2017 and recorded a couple of holiday classics, “Santa Baby”, and “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”, both of which are available for download.

In early 2018 the band entered The Leaning Studio of Greene and continues to record there now. Two singles have been released and are available for download. Our anthem, “Hop Head Stomp”, and a story about a Western PA
legend, “The Amish Ninja”.

Sadly the Hop Nation and the World at large lost Johnny Katt on June 6, 2019 to the horrible disease known as Scleroderma. Part of our goal moving forward will be to raise awareness and money towards this disease. He bravely took a chance on a stem cell transplant but other complications did not allow what looked like a very promising transplant to take place. We will always remember him and honor

Just like it takes several special ingredients to make a good beer, the Noble Hops offers many special ingredients as well through the diverse talents of its members. So pretty much on any given night you may see any combination of musicians, all who play, sing, write, and entertain, and you’ll get something different and fun that leaves you feeling “HOPpy”. Our fans are rabid, loyal, and supportive of all we do, and for that we are ever so thankful. The venues we play have been nothing short of wonderful to us, and we invite you to come out and check us out sometime if you haven’t before. Be a part of the Hop Head Nation, and join us in doing the Hop Head Stomp.
It’s tasty….

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