For COS and Country – Mick Michaels PARS511

For COS and CountryMick Michaels of the band Corners of Sanctuary out of Philadephia Joins Bill on Episode 511 to talk about their new EP For COS and Country, how the Cornonavirus has affected the band, the shortening of their European tour, trying to play live and practice over the internet, Judas Priest, KISS, Vinnie Vincent, Cartoon characters and actors portraying the band, and more… Corners of Sanctuary were previously on Episode 495.

Segment 1 Questions: For COS and Country

  • How has the stay at home order blown up the bands plans? (HINT: Keep an eye out for free downloads)
  • We talked about the possibility of new music coming out of the current situation and hopes that people are handling it well.
  • Mick tells us a bit about the band and some of their influences and what they are “labeled” as.
  • Mick talks about their European tour being shortened due to the Coronavirus. They had been told that the next flight out from Manchester was going to be May 6. They are working on on rescheduling the tour, possibly around some tentative dates that they have scheduled for February of 2021.
  • We learn about the track, The Raid (For God and Country), which you can download for free off of their website.
  • We talk about their video that was recorded in Germany, and 2 new ones for “Victoria” and “Sandstorm Salvation” that they recorded while they were in England (see below). They premiered on the Lockdown Rockdown on Saturday, April 11, 2020 (see below).

Segment 2 Questions with Mick Michaels

  • If I was flipping through my Social Studies book and we get to the pages about what happened during this time in history and the Coronavirus, and there is a section on your band. What would that section be about?
  • If there was an apocalyptic situation on Earth and a handful of people and one song from each band survives, which Corners of Sanctuary song should survive?
  • If you could sit down on a bench and talk to any musician and pick his/her brain, who would you pick and what would you ask?
  • If someone was going to make a movie about your band, what actor would play each of you? Carrot Top? Tom Cruise?
  • At this point, Mick shares their social media accounts for you to follow.
  • If a major band comes to you after the stay at home order is rescinded, who do you wish it would be?
  • Christina from The Shadow Event asks: How would you describe your sound, and which cartoon characters would you pick to play your band in a video?
  • If you could join a band that you idolized, not necessarily replace anyone just join as a new member, what band would you want to join?
  • What would your KISS face paint be? This leads to a long conversation about the band.


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