Normal Creatures PARS552

Normal CreaturesBrian Sikes of Normal Creatures (also: Greywalker, Some Faith, Start the Beat, and works at Get Hip Records) joins Bill on episode 552 of the Pennsylvania Rock show to talk about all things Sikes.

Featuring music from: Greywalker, Normal Creatures, Whatever This Is, & Savenger

Segment 1 with Normal Creatures

  • What all are you involved in?
  • Did you get your Facebook live stream CD release party unmuted?
  • Facebook muting videos and advertising…
  • SOS PGH Concert Series
  • Normal Creatures used to be Sikes and the New Violence, correct? How did the name change come about?
  • Tell me a little bit about the album, Nightmare Arcade.
  • Are you doing all the writing? or?
  • Speaking of genre, you list Normal Creatures as Rock/Hip Hop, what would you call Greywalker?
  • Can you do a story tellers version of 666 Ghosts for us, and tell us a story about the song?

Segment 2 with Sikes

  • Why don’t you tell us about the other things you have on your plate?
  • Where can I find Normal Creatures online, besides
  • I talk about the SOS PGH concert series starting 1/28/21 (helps venues who have been hit so hard by the pandemic)
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • We talk about DLR VS Sammy for a bit…
  • What is coming up for all your bands?
  • Find everything Brian Sikes Howe at


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