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The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best unsigned rock and metal bands that Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs on Build the Scene, Megarock Radio, KFGD 107.1 FM St. Louis, XRP Radio,Music from the 412, & Rudaroo Radio. The show started on September 14, 2004.

Kill the Drama of the Basement Recordings


Bill joins Kill the Drama in their practice studio for some chat and live music.

kill the dramaSegment 1: Bill talks to them about their current recording process, which they mention is very different than how they used to do it. During segment one, they play their song The Frail and the Fray (Live) for us! They are planning on recording in volume first, and then cut a few songs, b side a few songs, and go from there. That transitioned into a discussion about digital vs cd vs vinyl, and we even talk about 8 tracks. Bill then asked the band to discuss the state of the local scene and how it has morphed over the years. The first segment ended with them playing The Burning Streets (live) in their studio.
Segment 2: Opens with with a live, brand new track from Kill the Drama entitled Insurresurrection. They then discussed the logistics of the Stone Temple Pilots’ holding “open” auditions on the internet to replace their lead singer. Which changed the focus of the conversation to how Brian joined Kill the Drama and a bit of the history of the band and bands from the AK Valley. I also gave the band a chance to talk about the support that our local radio stations provide for the local scene. This segment ends with Kill the Drama playing another brand new song live for us, Caught in the Shadows.
Segment 3: The band talks about when Brian tried out for the band and how they got the name Kill the Drama. They also talk about being the judges favorite band in the Graffiti Rock Challenge, but not actually winning the competition. They also explain why KTD decided to return to the stage. And since the conversation had wavered into the world of the major rock scene, we discussed Motley Crue calling it quits and Steven Tyler’s crossover to country music. We end the segment with one more brand new track played live by KTD, Ophelia Mary Grace.
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About the Author
Bill is a teacher by day and webmaster by night. Bill started working with bands and their online presence in 1995. He founded AK Music Scene in February of 2004 and the Pennsylvania Rock Show followed shortly after in September of 2004. In October of 2016, he founded Podcast your Scene Bill hopes that his websites help the bands around the world get their music heard. Unsigned music creates signed music, and there are a lot of bands out there that deserve a shot at that. In late 2017, Bill started his 4th unsigned music website,