We're Seeing Red!

  • January 13, 2018 in Brooklyn
  • January 19 Sherman Theater in East Stroudsburg – EPCW Rock and Wrestling
  • January 27 Bar XIII in Delaware
  • June 2, 2018 – Upcoming Festival – yet to be named or the Festival that they’ll be doing in October, contact The Crowning to book your band

Micah then told us about the song Fade, off of the new EP and how it was written and what it is about. He said it is about not wanting to forget someone as time goes on after they have passed away. It is the lead track. I paired it off with 7 Sin Martyr from Step 11.

We began segment 2 by talking about them signing onto an indie record label called, Anakeion Music and working on some marketing and cross promotion with their other artists. We talked about his past band Mad Saturday from Chicago. He talks about how his approach to music is way different today than it was then and how overnight success takes a really long time. His philosophy about the music business is completely different now. We then moved on to talking about the band’s writing process and how he brings a song in and then the band helps tweak the song (idea) until it morphs into the final project. He talks about using Soundmine Recording Studio and Dan as a producer for both of their EPs. We then started talking about how cool Soundmine is and the different artists that they have worked with. Through that connection they met Rage Baby Production. They will be shooting a video for both In the Fire and She’s Running.
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