Corrosion of Conformity

Stone Wicked Souls 3QS021

String Harris of Stone Wicked Souls takes a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 021! If you were talking to a potential fan, what would you tell them about your band? If you had the opportunity to record a track with a legendary musician as a guest, who would you bring in…

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On episode 443 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Gero of Argonauta Records artist ZOM chats with Bill Segment one with ZOM Where does the band name come from? Tell us about the recording process of Nebulos. How did you come in contact with Argonauta Records? What are the advantages of being on a European label?…

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Reign of Z

Reign of Z joined Bill for Episode 406 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Unfortunately, they were a player down and we wish Amanda Blackwell a speedy recovery. Like a normal PA Rock Show, we’re all over the place topic wise, but in segment 1 you’ll find out: About how the name of the band came about….

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