The Rust Project PARS551

The Rust Project

The Rust Project’s Susan and Tim make their second appearance on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. This time they bring their original music with them as well as their pandemic, music scene experiences.

Featuring music from: The Redlines, Doppler Affect, The Rust Project, Black Ridge, & Anger the Ant

Segment 1 with Susan and Tim

  • How has the pandemic affected you as a band?
    • How many tracks do you have in the works?
  • Since you mentioned booking, what do you have lined up?
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • Susan tells us about their song, Somewhere in Time.

Segment 2 The Rust Project

  • Let’s say there is some kind of apocalyptic event on Earth that leaves a handful of people to repopulate the planet, and only 1 song from every band survives. Which The Rust Project song, should survive to help repopulate the Earth?
  • If you could go back in time without messing up the Space-Time Continuum, which band would you follow around for a year to learn from and get influenced by?
  • If you were ever going to start a tribute band in hopes of joining the real band, who would you create a tribute band for?
  • If you had to follow a band around as a first time freelancer, which band would you write about.
  • If they were going to put The Rust Project into a cartoon series, which cartoon would it be and what characters might play you in that cartoon?
  • Who is your favorite guitarist, drummer, bassists, and vocalist?

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