Walking the Redlines PARS366

The RedlinesBrian has 2 very interesting things going on between his band The Redlines & his video series Backseat Guitar in the Car. We’ll start with the Backseat Guitar in the Car, Brian learns a band’s song and plays it along with members of the band acoustically in his car. It is a weekly show. He has 12 shows up currently from The Shiners to Donny Eozzo. Next we talked about The Redlines. Brian says the point of the band was for him not to get bored. He says that he wanted to play Rock n’ Roll and anything that Rock n’ Roll was built upon. Brian then gave us some insight into how the band was formed. The Redlines are looking for a drummer, should you be looking for a band. Brian also told us that they are currently working on a new album. We also discussed Utah, Shady Lady Studio, 97.7 FM, The Band Jam as well as Corbriwoodstock for a bit too. This led to us discussing when bands pull members of other bands on stage to play with them and/or cover other local bands (I LOVE BOTH OF THESE SCENARIOS). After the break, we talked about Brian’s vast cd collection to get an idea of what musicians had an effect on who he was as a band member. He also gave us a list of his influences. We talked about his opening up for the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies at Metropol and his favorite venues including the Big Red Barn, Peter B’s. He also mentioned Wooley Bully’s as one of his favorites. You’ll have to listen to find out what band Brian would like to open for, his favorite local bands, and more… Bill apologizes to Bob Cupp, Utah, and the Grass Roots Show for having to back out as a guest for their show. Songs played: Doppler Affect – Down the Line The Redlines – County Line The Shiners – Every Once in a While
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Bill is the owner of Build the Scene, Vice President of First Angel Media, and the "tech guy" behind Music from the 412. He has been working with local, independent bands since 1996. He currently offers the following services: Web Design & Development, Electronic Press Kit Design & Development, Concert & Promotional Photograpy, Radio, Streaming TV, & Podcast Airtime, & Artist PR & Marketing Bill is the host of the Pennsylvania Rock Show (Radio, Podcast, TV Show & Vlog), 3 Questions and a Song (Radio, Podcast & Vlog) & Friendly Fire (Live Radio Show). Bill is also the owner of Build the Scene Radio