Welcome to the Hellfire Club!

episode330Release Date: April 2015
Running Time: 0:50:11
Guest: The Hellfire Club
Where to Find Themhttp://hellfiremusic.com/
Where to Purchase their Music: When it become available, it will be free to download from their official website.
Show Notes:
The Hellfire Club is: Chuck Dobbins – Percussion, John Lane -Vox/Political Satire, Michael McIntyre -Guitar, Dave Moore – Guitar, Jason Ortman – Bass
A bit of a teaser here, but their band name has so much innuendo that you may never really know where it came from. The Hellfire Club is a metal band coming out of Ohio’s Rubber City. With ties to Pennsylvania through their lead Singer John Lane, The Hellfire Club spends some time with Bill describing how they came to be. THC also tells us about their upcoming recording sessions and how they plan on allowing free downloads of all their music!  They also mention that they will have cds, t-shirts, and more at their shows. To get an idea of what that might sound like, check out some live videos of the band at http://hellfiremusic.com/videos/
During the interview, we learn that their new bass player played some shows for Green Jelly recently.[fap_playlist id=”26″ layout=”hidden” enqueue=”no” playlist_button=”” auto_enqueue=”no” center=”no”]
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