13 Saints

13 Saints join Bill for episode 378 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. In segment 1, We talked about their beginnings and past bands, we talked about the shows that they’ve played in just over a year of existence. We also talked about the song Evel Kniviel
Segment 2 started off with the band discussing their influences and we moved into talking about their biggest supporters or lack thereof. From there we moved on to discussing stories from the stage. We then transferred into talking a bit about the music scene itself including venues, pay to play, and more. At the end of the segment they tell us about the song Genius. We featured that song and Angry Itch’s song Heroes of Hate.
Segment 3 opens with Bill asking Creep, Ernie, and Dave to tell him a bit more about the band that maybe nobody knows. They then talked about getting ready to record their second album and the recording process that they use. Bill asked them about the studio that they used to record Throwing Copper in Sharpsburg called Very Tight Recordings…. and more….

Who are 13 Saints?

Official Website
The music is a cross between crunching hard rock and melodicism, with guitar-driven songs that are hooky yet hard-edged. They combine strong melodies with loud power chords, incorporating rock and roll and punk elements but with alternative rock sensibilities. With jangly guitars and the pace and riffs of punk rock, arrangements are economical and performances are energetic. Songs come hard and fast and won’t wait for you to catch up. The songs are tight. The band is tight. Think the friendly hooks of a pop melody mixed with Marshall stacks and a relentless four-on-the-floor beat. It’s fast, loud, and unapologetic. Some would even say it’s a little undignified.
Kismet? Destiny? Luck?
All of the above!
Four guys from different worlds – Philadelphia, Clarion, Burgettstown, and Long Island – met by happenstance in 2016 and form 13 Saints in Pittsburgh PA.
These four been-there-done-that rock and roll veterans offer straightforward, cranked-up original rock and roll songs. No gimmicks. No whining. Not frilly, fancy, or complicated.
Whether on a big stage or in your favorite dive bar, these guys are individually and collectively committed to giving the audience a memorable show. But they don’t take it all too seriously. They’re having fun. And so will you. If rock and roll is part of your DNA, then put 13 Saints on your must-see list.
The debut album of 13 Saints, Crushing Copper, is available NOW and features11 tracks of gritty, passionate music. Crushing Copper is available for download from iTunes, and you can listen online at Spotify and our website (http://www.13saintsrock.com/music.html). You can also buy a CD at any show.
More information including show dates can be found on our website: www.13saintsrock.com
Booking and other contacts: 13saintsrock@gmail.com
DAVE BUZARD. Upscale white trash guitar junkie and music addict. Grew up with just enough dysfunction to make him fun to hang with. Been playing so long that he really should be better at it! Owns some really cool hats because he owns some really shitty hair.
CREEP NEWHOLLAND. Bassist, singer, and anger management counseling drop-out. British-rock-a-holic with a penchant for all things pre-1974. Having performed from New York to DC and everywhere in between, he is happy to now call Pittsburgh his home.
ERIC CORBIN. He won’t give you the shirt off his back, not because he’s selfish but because he rarely wears one when playing the drums. Living by the motto “Variety is the shot of life, chased by moderation” Eric’s done it all – 70s KISS, 80s metal, 90s alternative, 00s garage rock, today’s whatever it is…and everything in between.
ERNIE DIRT. Debonair ax slinger from a riffier time and a grittier place. If you aren’t willing to drive six hours on a school night to see your favorite bar band and then catch a half hour of shuteye at a truck stop before work, you can’t hang with Ernie Dirt.

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