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Craig Allen HectCraig Allen Hecht joins Bill to take on episode 89 of 3 Questions and a Song!

  1. Who is your favorite NHL team?
  2. My understanding of you is someone can say, hey why don’t you write this… and then you write it.
  3. Screwdrivers to Ears?!? “Hello Jana”
  4. Can you pinpoint the moment that you realized that you wanted to be a musician?
  5. If you’re music idol sat down beside you and allowed you one question, who is sitting next to you and what do you ask?
  6. What is 1 song that you didn’t write, that you wish you had written?
  7. What is the best pizza you’ve had because you’re a musician?
  8. There’s a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor, what time are you going to and what band are you going to hang out with?
  9. Tell us about “Sunshine Fury”
  10. Potholes and beautiful fall turnpikes…
  11. Which of your songs could help re-populate the Earth?
  12. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  13. Have you ever met a famous musician and was it an unexpected conversation topic?
  14. Where can the listeners find you online?
  15. What’s coming up next?

About Craig Allen Hect

Genre: Rock/Funk/Prog/Polka
Band Location: Saint Paul, MN, USA

Born March 19th, 1957. My Dad started me on ukulele at age 5, cause my
hands were too little to play guitar. Both of my parents were musical and
played several different instruments, we used to have jam sessions on the
weekends where I played drums on coffee cans with pencils. My first
electric guitar was a Montgomery Wards Airline my Dad picked up for 14
bucks played thru his 1940’s Supro tube amp. As I got older I had a bunch
of high school basement bands that never went anywhere but were great
for sharpening my skills. I joined my first cover band, The Companions, at
age 19 and started playing various bowling alleys and clubs in a career that
lasted some 37 years playing other people’s music in different bands, some
great, some not so. The best band I was in and the one I’m proudest of was
The Express Band, I enjoyed a 20+ year run with them and they’re still going
strong today playing amazing shows. Through all these bands I was always
writing original music, starting out with a small 4 track studio, tape deck,
drum machine, guitar and synth. Then in the early 80’s I met Scott
Halverson, the husband of one of my Wife’s friends at work. He had a deep
love of music also and we developed a fast friendship. He was an
accomplished classical guitarist with a great sense of melody and soon we
were writing together on various recording projects like Breanhammer,
Private Universe and finally, The 3rd Bridge, which we started around 2014.
We were able to share our music worldwide using the web and online radio
stations, most notably XRP Radio out of Birmingham, England. Then around
2015 Scott became sick with cancer and passed in January of 2016, leaving
me to carry on. I still have lyrics of his to put music to and am writing new
songs as well that carry the 3rd Bridge message of Peace, Love and Light.
Eventually, I branched out into writing other music that I didn’t feel had the
3rd Bridge vibe so I started recording it under several different aliases
including, Breanhammer, Texan Betty, C-Rage and the Icebox Studios All-
Stars, Screwdrivers to Ears and of course, Craig Allen Hecht. At the
present, my little 4 track studio has evolved into Icebox Studios, a fully
loaded audio and video production lab. So now I wear two hats, I carry the
legacy of The 3rd Bridge and explore the future as Icebox Studios, I hope
you enjoy both.

About the song, “Sunshine Fury”

Sunshine Fury was based around a guitar riff I had stuck in my head for at
least a year. The title came to me when after taking my wife to work on our
daily morning drive, I was saying to myself how tired I was of driving
directly into the sun on the way home, ie, the fury of the sun. Very Hendrixy
by design this one is, Stratocasters all the way. jimi would be proud…..

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