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Chip & the Charge Ups - Paying Back the DevilChip, of Chip & the Charge Ups, joins Bill for episode 90 of 3 Questions and a song! The featured song is their new single, Paying Back the Devil.

  • Bill references Chip DiMonick and how this featured track might be a throwback to that time in Chip’s writing.
  • What took you down the “heavy” path with this track?
  • What is it like to play with Maleena and Nolan who are “slightly” younger than you are?
  • What has been the best pizza that you’ve had because you’re a musician?
  • What would you offer the Devil and what would you want back in return?
  • Please tell us about your
  • What did you think of the new Metallica track?
  • Are you going to keep going down the heavy path, or maybe take a turn down the road with a new genre?
  • When you are playing, do you think about your facial expressions, or do they just happen?
  • Tell us about, Paying back the Devil.
  • We talk a little bit about our longevity in the music scene…
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • What non-standard venue would you like to play at?
  • If you could sit down to dinner with any 4 people from any point in history, who would you invite to that table with you?
  • Where can people find you online?
  • What is coming up next for Chip & the Charge Ups?

About Chip & the Charge Ups

Genre: Hard Rock/Pop-Punk
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Formed in 2018 by the unique family team of Chip Dominick & then 16-year old Maleena Dominick, Pittsburgh’s Chip & The Charge Ups quickly created an electrifying buzz.   The band has performed at prominent music festivals and opened for national acts including Dirty Honey, Dee Snider, Nita Strauss, and Liliac.

Chip & The Charge Ups captivates audiences with infectious songs, a swaggy wardrobe, fun choreography, and ingenious mashups.  The band and its three albums – Flow of the Current, Part I (2018), Flow of the Current, Part II (2019), and Lightning in Our Veins (2020) – have received impressive critical acclaim:

  • “Pittsburgh icons” – Pittsburgh City Paper
  • One of “the city’s marquee acts” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • “It’s hard not to be swept up in the raw excitement that radiates from this record” – Pittsburgh Current
  • “Tasty for metal and punk fans” – Metal Temple
  • “One of the best records…this year” – EMSU Media

In 2019, Chip & The Charge Ups’ Pittsburgh-themed holiday song, “Black and Gold Christmas”  was featured on two network television stations, put into rotation on three radio stations, reviewed by countless print and online publications, and received over 100,000 views of its music video.  In February 2020, the band was voted “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Punk Band” in the Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards.

Following the release of Lightning in Our Veins, Chip & The Charge Ups released two additional singles, both of which received radio airplay and TV coverage.  This raised the total of Chip Dominick – one of Pennsylvania’s most prolific songwriters – to 26 songs having received FM radio airplay.

Chip & The Charge Ups are:

  • Chip Dominick:  Vocals/Guitar
  • Maleena Dominick:  Vocals/Bass
  • Nolan Allen:  Drums

About the song, Paying Back the Devil

“Paying Back the Devil” is an anthem of revenge, of turning the tables, and refusing to be the victim.

  • Where to find them:

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