Erik Winger 3QS040

Erik Winger on 3 Questions and a Song #40

  • With KISS being in the headlines again about Tommy and Eric wearing Ace and Peter’s make up, what are you thoughts on that and what line up do you think was the best KISS line up?
  • Can you tell us a little bit about your musical history?
  • How many times do you get asked if you’re related to Kip Winger? – asked by Bobby C of Royal Honey on Episode 39

About the Song:

Ballerina was a song I wrote about not one girl, but kind of an amalgamation of girls I was dating at the time. One girl was probably the main inspiration – she played “Belle” in the Live Stage Show of Beauty and the Beast at Walt Disney World, and the title of the song kind of sprung from that stage environment of singers and dancers.

About Erik Winger

Genre: Pop Rock
Location: Orlando, FL, USA

Erik Winger is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Western PA. For the past 22 years, he’s called Orlando, FL his home. Erik describes his sound as rock/pop with a strong sense of melody and harmony. Heavily influenced by artists such as KISS, Journey, Van Halen, Billy Joel, and more recently, John Mayer – Erik has etched out his own sound with a nod to the greats that inspired him.

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