UltraViolent PARS531

Ultraviolent EvictionUltraViolent is a four-piece metal band based out of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Joins Bill for Episode 531 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Segment 1 with UltraViolent

  • Where did the band name, UltraViolent, come from?
  • You started your band in your teens, 6 years ago, what is the story behind that?
  • If there was a catastrophic event and it wipes out almost the whole human race; Which one of your songs survives and helps get the population back up?
  • 10 years from now, kids open their Social Studies book and find a section on UltraViolent, why is the band in the book?
  • If you could sit on a bench and talk to any musician in the history of the world for a hour, but you could only ask them one question, who and what question?
  • What band do you wish you could open for on your firs world tour, and which venue would you want to start it off at?
  • We’re on that tour and I’m part of the road crew. What would the soundtrack to that tour sound like?
  • Tell us some recording studio stories and work your way towards the song we’re going to play tonight.

Segment 2 with Brett

  • Can you tell us about the song, Hay in the Needlestack?
  • What is something fans of UltraViolent would be surprised to know about you?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment you had on stage.
  • If you were in the movie Almost Famous, what band would you want to write your first article on?
  • How many hard boiled eggs can you fit in your mouth at one time? (asked by Brandon, the drummer haha)
  • Where can the listeners get a copy of your album and find you online?
  • What is your take on Mac Sabbath?

Current Members:
Brett Anspach, 20, Guitar/Vocals
Avery Levan, 20, Bass/Vocals
Danny Koury, 22, Guitar
Brandon Babcock, 21, Drums

Formed in September 2014, UltraViolent had a goal in mind to create music they love and share their message with the world as young upcoming artists. UltraViolent started out by performing covers locally to earn the respect of their small hometown. Once UltraViolent knew their direction was taking a more original and heavier turn, they decided to play in cities that catered more to their style of music. In 2016 the band recorded, mixed, and mastered their first EP, “Five”, all by themselves at the age of 16. The band then branched out into cities such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Reading to perform their original music. Eventually they were to expand to the surrounding states to perform their captivating live show. By earning the respect of fans with explosive performances and anthem-like riffs, UltraViolent was a name that quickly became recognizable throughout their local scene. In late 2018 the band released their first music video for the song “Insult to Injury”, the first single from their full length release, “Eviction”. The video gathered over 32k views and 200 shares on Facebook within two weeks. UltraViolent followed up their hit with a lyric video for the next single from Eviction, “Hay in the Needlestack (feat. Merritt Frownfelter)”, their first release of 2019. This video gathered over 15k views on Facebook. UltraViolent released their debut album “Eviction” on June 20th, 2019. Eviction is a concept album that describes the timeline between the inception of humanity, our current state of society, and its inevitable end, ultimately done by our own hand. As a result of the album’s successful reception, UltraViolent signed with DI Records in early June of 2020.

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