Get on the Bus PARS522

Jake and Dave from the band, Fubar, join Bill on episode 521 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They band has expanded from 4 to 7 members since they were on last. They also had a CD release foiled by the pandemic, so what did they do during the pandemic? Listen to find out…

Fubar Segment 1 about Get on the Bus

  • Right as the Pandemic started, you guys dropped an EP. I’m guessing you’re not very happy with our current situation…
  • You have awesome album artwork on the EP, how did that come about?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event, which song from Fubar would make it through the event?
  • Do you have any cool stories about Crossed Fingers off of the Get on the Bus EP?

Fubar Segment 2

  • What’s the plan for the band if we ever get back to normalcy?
  • If they put Fubar into a cartoon series, which one would it be? What character would play you?
  • If you could take your favorite album, forget hearing it, and hear it again for the first time; which album would you forget so that you could hear it again for the first time?
  • Who would be your Dave Grohl?
  • Sharing of the socials…
  • If you had a podcast and I was your guest, what would you ask me? … ship wreckmedieval warrior
  • Which band would you want to follow around for a full year?

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