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Jesse StoneJesse Stone Creatchman brings his song, Pennsylvania to 3 Questions and a song all the way from Montreal Canada!

  1. Who is the best goaltender to come out of the Montreal area?
  2. You get to sit with a musical idol, who would it be, and what 1 question would you ask?
  3. One of your songs survives an apocalyptic event to help re-populate the Earth, which song would it be?
  4. You can play a show with any musician at any location… who and where?
  5. What music would I hear if I were driving your tour bus?
  6. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  7. Which band would you want to go out on tour with to learn from and hang out with?
  8. What is your favorite venue based on the food that you’ve eaten there?
  9. What is a song that you didn’t write, that you wish you had written?
  10. How did your family influence your music? asked by Jim Berkin of Wayward Brigade on episode 69

About Jesse Stone Creatchman

Genre: Rock
Band Location: Montreal, QC Canada

Radio’s Dead [The Album] is a genre-bending, LO-FI journey through the highs and lows of the life of the touring artist. Jesse Stone Creatchman, the wordsmith, sings songs about living in Bushwick, a wild-turn affair in Pennsylvania, some nightmarish experiences on the road, his divorce, drug abuse, his time in AA, the death of a friend, and ultimately finding solace in his roots, his music and his family. Stone lays it all on the table, the good the bad, and the ugly. The album puts Stone’s “poetic lyrical prowess and expansive stylistic range” (The Montreal Gazette 2015) on full display. The album is clever, it’s provocative and it’s got one heck of a guest list. Every song is a story on this autobiographical concept album by one of Canada’s most daring and inspiring lyricists.

About the song, Pennsylvania

Montreal Songwriter JESSE STONE CREATCHMAN’s new single, PENNSYLVANIA dropped on MONDAY OCTOBER 4, 2021. The next installment from his upcoming sophomore album, Radio’s Dead [released November 2021]. This high-octane single is a psychobilly/surf romp from the self-deprecative Canadian artist. A rollicking, full-throttle adventure over the golden hills of the keystone state, Pennsylvania is amplified by the screeching electric guitar of the maniacal RENE DE LA MUERTE, lead singer and guitarist for the band THE BRAINS. Peterborough native ERIK FINES veers along at 80 miles per hour on bass guitar. On drums and mixing engineer for the track is TIBURCE PERLAU of the Montreal band VINYL HERO and DWANE DIXON TRIO. The song depicts a hairy episode in the artists past in which Jesse, following the dissolution of his marriage, escapes from New York City seeking refuge amongst the horse & buggies of the Quaker state. It’s a fish out of water story except in this version, Jesse (the fish) gets caught in the jaws of a thirsty female shark.

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