Wayward Brigade 3QS069

Wayward BrigadeJim Berkin of Wayward Brigade joins Bill for this episode of 3 Questions and a Song!

  1. If you could share a stage with 3 of your influences, what bands would be standing up there with you and where would you hold that show?
  2. I was checking out your Facebook page, and saw a pretty cool Venue, Hub City Vinyl, can you name some of your favorite venues based on the food that they serve and overall vibe that they provide?
  3. What is your ultimate goal as a punk act?

About Wayward Brigade

Genre: Punk
Band Location: Hagerstown, MD

Founded in the dystopian 2020 by a Florida and California transplant, who met in Maryland over a Die Hunns jacket patch. Disenchanted with most newer music, the two started sending each other songs they wrote soon after. Picking up a few others down with the same idea, this band is about the next generation bringing punk back to its roots. No metal influence, no 80s hardcore touch, just pure straight forward traditional punk rock. To carry the torch of the pioneers we grew up with. Keeping rock n roll raw, and skateboarding punk. Anti establishment, take no prisoners, pirate punk rock n roll. This band is for lost, wayward, true non conformist youth as well as aging true blue punk

About the song, Kids Through the Cracks

It’s the title track on our 2nd EP, and a personal favorite that we play. It’s about
the life challenges that we all come across that make us who we are.

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