Joey Conner

Joey Conner of Tilted Shadows returns to the show to talk about his upcoming solo album.

  • We talked about his playing guitar for musicals.
  • Joey talked about his upcoming solo recording and how it came about.
  • He talks about how the EP will be distributed and how it was recorded.

Segment 2

  • We talked about upcoming shows for Tilted Shadows, David Hipchen (apparently the whole band haha) Acoustic
  • Joey talks about playing Deutschtown Music Festival twice in one day.
  • He also talks about playing in a rock band as a younger person.
  • We talk about Dave abusing Joey with his guitar and other embarrassing moments that happen on stage.
  • What would we hear if we play a Tilted Shadows song backwards?
  • Joey tells us which song he would like to survive the Apocalypse and represents his band for the rest of history.
  • Joey gives an update on my general questions that I’ve asked him before: who are his biggest influences.
  • Joe divulges what his favorite music related website is.
  • What is one thing that potential fans should know about Tilted Shadows? Dave Grohl?!?
  • Who are Joey’s favorite local bands? and why?
  • Also, Joey is kinda a fan of former skell singers, but didn’t know it.

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