Lone Crow Rebellion PARS673

Lone Crow Rebellion join Bill for episode 673 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show to introduce you to their brand of the blues.

Featuring music from: Para Bellum, Overload in Stereo, Miss Freddye, Lone Crow Rebellion, ZMW, SunDown, Royce, Silk9

ROCKIN’ THE BLUES & SOUTHERN GROOVES… …is what this band is built for! Having a knack for singer/songwriter type composition combined with a great Blues/Rock style, this what one could expect to hear form this Pennsylvania quartet. Having thier first 10 song collection released (Ain’t No Shame) in 2020, LCR has 4 new songs out and are well on the way to releasing thier second collection (Coal Train Blues). The band formed in 2018 as a power trio looking to explore the blues with their own rocking style. While working on the album “Ain’t No Shame” the band realized that there was interest is adding an element of songwriter/americana influence to their songwriting that is heard in many southern rock and alt-country songs… while continuing to concentrate on being a blues/rock band. This new sound is apparent on the latest releases that will be part of the forth coming collection “Coal Train Blues”. Bottom line, Lone Crow Rebellion is a Blues Rock & Boogie band, steeped in blue, roots & americana! Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, this group of seasoned players is active on the club and music festival scene. The band is comprised of : Greg Long ~ Guitar & Lead Vocals Pete Horm ~ Bass & Vocals John Samanka ~ Keyboards & Vocals Jason Sopic ~ Drums & Vocals

Interview Segment 1 with Lone Crow Rebellion

  • Please introduce yourselves.
  • Where did the band name, Lone Crow Rebellion, come from?
  • What is the best pizza that you’ve had because you are a musician?
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • What songwriter would you like to write a song with?
  • If you could eat dinner with any 4 people in the history of the world, who would they be?
  • Can you pinpoint the moment that you realized that you wanted to be a musician?

Interview Segment 2

  • Tell us about your song, “Sneaking Out”.
  • If you’re standing at the same crossroads as Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil at, why are you there?
  • If you hired me to drive your tour bus, what music would I be playing between tour stops?
  • What is a non-standard venue that you want to play at?
  • If you could ask your musical idol one question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Interview Segment 3

  • What is an embarrassing moment that happened on stage?
  • What’s coming up for Lone Crow Rebellion?
  • How can our fans find you?
  • How did you guys end up together?
  • What is a song that you didn’t write, that you wish you had written?

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