Rover PARS634

RoverDave and Joe Rogan of Rover join Bill for episode 634 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Featuring music from: Overload in Stereo, Rover, Mojo Filter

Interview Segment 1 with Rover

  • Where did the band name come from?
  • How long have you been playing together?
  • How did you two get started?
  • You come across a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor, where are you going in time and what band are you going to hang out with while you’re there?
  • We talk a little about Dave Hillis.
  • If I was driving your tour bus, what would be our soundtrack to your tour?
  • We discuss skell.
  • You’re sitting on a bench and your musical idol sits down next to you, what 1 question would you ask?
  • What non-standard venue would you like to play?
  • What is the best pizza that you’ve eaten because you are a musician?
  • Tell me how your brother embarrassed you on stage?
  • What is a song that you didn’t write, that you wished you had written?
  • What is your dream venue to play?

Interview with Dave and Joe

  • Which band would you want to follow around and interview for Rolling Stone?
  • If they make a biopic about Rover, who would play each of you in the movie?
  • If you were to make a supergroup from the music scene to manage, who would you put in the band?
  • If you could play anywhere in the world with any other band in the history of the world…
  • Would you play in a tribute band or step away because you couldn’t do it justice?
  • Which Rover song should survive a catstrophic event and help re-populate the Earth?
  • …our instrumental that has words.
  • Where can your new songs be found?
  • What is coming up next?
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