Six ‘o Matic PARS635

Sean O’Donnel of Six ‘O Matic joins Bill to talk about his upcoming single Release, “Lá”. Featuring music from: Prime 8, After the Fall, Six O’ Matic, Big House Pete, John Vento, Royal Honey

Interview segment 1 with Six o’ Matic

  • We learn a little bit about the Pittsburgh Piping Society events.
  • Can you enlighten us about the different types of bag pipes?
  • Sean tells us about his song, “Lá”.
  • What is your writing process like?
  • You mentioned off the air that there is a lot more to the song than just the bag pipes, what else is on there?

Interview segment 2 with Sean

  • What is the best pizza that you had because you are a musician?
  • What is a non-traditional venue that you’d like to play at?
  • How can people get your single or contact you?
  • What’s up next for Six o’ Matic?
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