Save Our Stages PARS545

#SAVEOURSTAGESEric Rodger and Bobby C. of Royal Honey join Bill to discuss what the band has been up to, as well as, Eric’s Save Our Scene project.

Featuring Music From: Post Traumatik, Chip and the Charge Ups, Royal Honey, Craig Veltri, Rockabilly Junction, and The Spider Accomplice

Talking Royal Honey with Eric and Bobby C

  • Royal Honey masks?
  • What has the band been up to since we last chatted?
  • Livestreaming from Royal Honey?
  • Upcoming music in the vault?
  • We talk about the Pull the Plug video (see below)
  • They talk about 2 compilations that they were placed on.
  • 2020’s music development…

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Save Our Stages PGH

  • Eric tells us about a project that he is heading up in the local scene.
  • With over 70 members of the local scene involved… there is a single and merch on the way to hopefully bring (and funds) awareness to how the pandemic has affected venues in the music scenes.
  • The single’s tentative release date is January 8, 2021
  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • Bobby talks about his “Rockstar” moment doing soundcheck for Faster Pussycat

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