Joel Miller – Memoir of a Roadie PARS544

Joel MillerJoel Miller author of Memoir of a Roadie, joins Bill on episode 544 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show to talk about his experiences as a Roadie and his newly released book. [Bill’s Review of the Book]

Featuring Music from: Corners of Sanctuary, Illusions of Grandeur, & The Nied’s Hotel Band

  • How quickly did the chapter titles come to you?
  • My dad is a fan of Jay Leno’s Garage, is his garage really like that?
  • I really enjoyed reading about the interactions that you had with the band members. I didn’t expect there to be so much of a back and forth between them and the crews. How often did that happen?
  • I ask this question of bands all the time, and it seems fitting since you talked about how the crew and band didn’t want to hear the band played on off days, what kind of music did the bands listen to when they weren’t on stage?
  • There’s a story where you played the same song 10 times on the jukebox…
  • How many times have you seen “This is Spinal Tap” on the bus?
  • What was the oddest rider item that you were aware of?
  • …What happened in Rio?
  • Why don’t you mention all the bands that you worked with as a roadie?
  • You did some work in the film industry, do you want to touch on that?
  • What was the hardest thing about being on tour?
  • What was your favorite city to go to and why?
  • Were there any moments out on the road where you were thinking I can’t believe I’m here and this is happening?
  • You mentioned you were an art dealer now…
  • Where did writing come from?
  • Where would you prefer the listeners pick up a copy of the book? Amazon

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