Skies of Terra PARS490

Skies of TerraSkies of Terra join Bill on episode 490 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They are a Experimental/Jazz Fusion/Down tempo/Progressive rock/Post-rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Segment 1 with Skies of Terra

  • How is your genre list so long? Jazz Fusion?!?
  • Where did the name come from?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event and only one Skies of Terra song can survive to help repopulate the Earth, which song should make it through?
  • If I were to play one of your tracks backwards, what would I hear?
  • If you could go back in time and follow any band around for a year to get some tips and tricks to follow around, who would you follow?
  • If your future self would call you and want to talk to you about your band, what questions would you ask you?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, during any time period, who would you open for and where would you want to open the tour at?
  • If I went on a tour with you, what would the soundtrack of the travel between shows be?
  • Please tell us about your song, Vice Grips.

Segment 2 with Clides & Justin

  • If there was one thing that you could tell a potential fan, what would you tell them?
  • Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment that was had on stage?
  • Where do you search out music on the internet?
  • Where can people get copies of your music?
  • Who would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Can each of you give me 2 local bands that the listeners should check out?
  • Do you have any upcoming shows that you want to mention? Check out their show on 12/13/19 at the Sub Alpine, that benefits People’s Oakland

Where to find Skies of Terra

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