Skies of Terra PARS490

Skies of Terra join Bill on episode 490 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They are a Experimental/Jazz Fusion/Down tempo/Progressive rock/Post-rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA. Segment 1 with Skies of Terra How is your genre list so long? Jazz Fusion?!? Where did the name come from? If there was an apocalyptic event and only one…

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Adam Fitz PARS488

Adam Fitz was raised on the music of seminal songwriters that resonated through his blue-collared, childhood home on Chicago’s South Side. The likes of Tom Waits, Van Morrison and John Prine shaped his taste and inspired Fitz to write honest songs and find his soulful and emotional voice. As a performer, Fitz and his band…

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Get Outta Town: JJ McGuigan

JJ joins us to discuss his upcoming EP, his writing process, how he became a songwriter & more. He also discusses how he came to be a MTS artist. He talks about how they choose the people that will join him in the recording studio to record new songs. We discuss the music scene in…

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