The Art of Burning Bridges

The Art of Burning Bridges, which includes 2 members of the former band Fountain Infinity (and one member of September Mourning), who came and performed live in our studio back in 2005. The Art of Burning Bridges – Segment 1 You were on a bit of a hiatus, what is going on album wise? We…

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State Of Local Entertainment 2015 –

What is the state of local entertainment going into 2016? For those of you that may not know Tony Marinacci of Total Entertainment & Entertainment passed away on September 2, 2015. He was an important figure in the history of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Tony was instrumental in teaching me how to run a sound…

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Bill Vulgris and Hear Kitty, Kitty

We interview Bill Vulgris from Amber-Alexis and The KGB band about both his bands, how the local scene has changed over the years, and more. We also Interview Kitty(Hear Kitty Kitty) and Cordell (Hear Kitty Kitty/Ugly Kid Joe) about the local scene in L.A. and their recent tours and many other music related topics. Radio…

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